Who is
Minea IT?

I am Marco. Minea IT has been my company since 2010, but I have been programming since 1999.

I have a background in mathematics, which gives me a strong analytical mind and I like to solve logical puzzles as efficiently as possible.

I am good at making things work. I'm not so good at making things look good. But I have enough contacts with people who are good at that.

I hate professional jargon and prefer not to use buzzwords unless inevitable.

I prefer to work for small to medium-sized companies, because they tend to have faster decision-making processes and usually there is less nonsense involved.

I like to travel and stay abroad regularly. I am accustomed to working remotely and I can do that independently. I speak Dutch, English, Spanish, German and French. I can easily talk to other programmers, but also to normal people.


I also do other things than webshops and API integrations. Actually, I can create anything that is on a web server and has to do with a database. Simple websites, improved Excel sheets, systems for time registration, customer and relation management, project management; You name it, I build it.

I have experience with php, javascript, SQL, Magento, Wordpress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Elastic Search, Laravel, Linux and Apache and more. I also give courses from time to time.

Mission, Vision & Values

Look, this is something I typically view as a waste of time. Just tell me what you need and I'll make it.